Price: $1,500

State: Ohio
City: Blooming Grove
Zip code: 44833
Type: Pets

Czar Mastiffs has been breeding AKC English Mastiffs for over 15 years. We have a variety of colors when available. Fawn, Apricot, Brindle and colors that are rare, honey fawn, dark red apricot, reverse brindle. Our breeding mastiffs are no less than 32 inches in our females in height, 36 inches or more in height in our males. Female weight will average 170 pounds and males 220 pounds.
Our first priority is to breed a linage that is consistent to the breed standard. Temperament in the Mastiff is key to families being happy with their companion. We take pride in the guarantee of our temperaments in the linage. All we ask is that our new puppy owners take our advice in some basic obedience training for the first 3 months. That will make a hug difference in the family bonding and the overall experience in the ownership, of one of the best breeds, to ever own. They will charm your friends, alert you of an intruder, cuddle with you when you need a hug and lastly give you a sense of peace. What a noble breed they are.
We feed a certain way and give our puppies extra nutrients that create the pup/dog mastiff you can't find anywhere.
Call me or email me your request, we are creating a list for our upcoming litters for Spring Arrivals. You may go to and check out more mastiff information. We are always glad to help! Sign up on our webpage and become part of our mastiff newsletter club at no charge. No need to purchase a puppy from us to get our new puppy ownership information.
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